Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taal Volcano Trekking

photo credits Joel Samson

Taal Volcano Trekking is not possible without mention first of Tagaytay City.

The nature city of Tagaytay, the highest point of Cavite, Philippines is known as the grand viewing deck for the smallest volcano in the world, Taal Volcano. Blessed with a mild climate [low temperature, low humidity and abundant rainfall], this is the local’s most preferred destination for a weekend get-away, being only an hour drive or so from the capital using private transportation. Apart from its breath-taking scenery, Tagaytay is also a place of solitude, replete with spirituality and religious centers which are the pioneers in what has now become a vibrant, classy destination for party-goers, nature-trippers and food enthusiasts.

Indeed, one of the most popular things to do Tagaytay City is to embark on a trip to the foot of the mountain, cross the lake and trek up the volcanic crater which is touted by travelers as a lake within a volcano within a lake within a volcano.

Hereunder is a condensed tip for OMP guests on how to explore this tourist destination:

1. From the hostel, walk to the Petron Gas Station, cross the street and take a jeepney going to the MRT Gil Puyat (alternately called, Buendia) (Fare: P7.00)
2. Climb stairs to MRT station & take south-bound lane.  Alight at the end of the trip - MRT Taft Avenue Station
3. Exit on the left side of Taft StationClimb up one plight of stairs or take the escalator going up the turnstyle or exit on the left side of Taft Station where Dunkin Donuts and Chowing Restaurant are located
4. Walk straight ahead to the back of the building where you find the CROW buses bound for Nasugbu or Balayan Batangas.
5. Get inside the bus and tell the driver you are getting down in Tagaytay Crossing.
6. The driver will announce when you are already in Tagaytay. Keywords would be: OLIVAREZ MALL. When you hear the driver says that, get off the bus. Landmark would be: McDonald's to your left.
7. Take a jeepney going to Tagaytay Highlights or Tagaytay Market. Alight in Tagaytay Market. [Jeepney fare: ~ P7.00)
8. Take another jeepney going to Talisay (Fare: ~P50.00)
9. When you are already at the foot of the mountain, the jeepney would turn left. At that point, say PARA! (Tagalog term, but spanish-derived, which means STOP in English). Take the road to your right. Walk maybe 50meters. The first resort to your left, enter the premises. You will find there a guy named Jojo Inumerable at Boat Rental Barangay Banga Talisay, who can give you a cheap boat ride crossing the lake. The cost is P900 for up to 6 persons. You pay additional fee of P50.00 each to cross the lake. However, if you are travelling alone, please note that it is not easy to fill up the boat til it reaches its full capacity of 6 persons so chances are you would shoulder the entire cost alone.
Note: It is best to text Jojo first at the this number before you leave the hostel: +639275211718
10. Ignore offer to ride a donkey/horse. It's kinda foolish because the horse is actually being pulled by another human being. The trek up to the crater would only take 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your reserved energy.

11. Coming back, take the opposite site of the road and commute up to the city proper of Tagaytay. :-) Note that the last trip of jeepneys plying the route Talisay-Tagaytay is at 5:00pm.
12. If you’re on a budget, have lunch/dinner in Mushroom Burger. For a real specialty dish that offers a magnificent garden view setting, try MOON GARDEN along
(near SVD or San Pablo Seminary).
13. Enjoy!
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